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Garbage Spray- RKC-1201

Composition: Organic Polycondensate, Icaridin, BZK, thione, organic fragrance & purified demineralised water Usage:: Spray Rickul Garbage spray solution in all dumped garbage area as per the dilution (1: 30-50, depend on the age of the garbage with pure water) . The...

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ALL-IN-ONE Cleaner – RKCAI-10

USAGE : With an Organic lime smell the Rickul Organic All-In-One Cleaner naturally and hygienically cleans all surfaces, like wood, stone, tiles, carpet, furniture, commercial and Industrial surfaces.. It leaves all surfaces sparkling clean and without any chemical...

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Airport Sanitizer –RKS-15A

This is the only Disinfection solution which remains effective for 72-96 hours continuously maintaining 99.999% efficacy. Easy to use; just spray and apply, immediately forming a very effective layer. It can also be used in machines to spray and fumigates in bigger...

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